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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to move my furniture?
A: Yes, the area to be carpeted needs to be clear. If you are unable to move the furniture yourself, we can help. If the furniture is empty, and there are no electronics, we charge $35.00 per room. We can also schedule multiple installation dates allowing you to carpet one or two rooms at a time.

Q: Do I really need padding?
A: Padding is not the place to try to save money. It's better to get the best padding available and a less expensive carpet than the other way around.

Q: What kind of padding should I use?
A: Loop carpets and heavy traffic areas should have synthetic jute padding (either 32 or 40 oz. would be fine). Rebond padding is for areas like bedrooms, where you want a softer feel. Most manufacturers' warranties require rebond padding of at least 6 lbs (or jute padding).

Q: How long will installation take?
A: The time will vary based on: material, furniture, rip-up, and floor condition. The time required can usually be determined at the time of measurement.

Q: Can you store my carpet for me before I'm ready to have it installed?
A: Yes, we can receive your material and store it for you.

Q: Can you remove the old carpet from the job site?
A: Yes, we can remove all the old material for you.

Q: What kind of guarantee do you provide?
A: All labor is guaranteed for one year from date of installation. The material warranty can vary widely, and depends on the quality of the material and the manufacturer.

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